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Our Story

Founded by Mr KH Ng in 1986, Well Genius is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shenzhen. With over 30 years of experience specialising in distribution of Semiconductors, RF module and microwave components, our team has extensive knowledge of the technology, the market need and trend. 

Through persistent effort of improvement and break throughs, today we are proud to present our brand of LTCC filters, designed by our qualified engineers and manufactured by state of the art facilities. We never stop with our research and development work in designing and manufacturing fibre optic and RF module such as antenna scanner. At Well Genius, the pursuit for quality and cost efficient strategy for our customers are our core value.   

Today our products are sold to countries around the globe which includes Asia, America & Europe. We can be the channel to bringing your product to a new market and our Well Genius product is the solution to your need for cost efficient premium product.

How We Started


Founded by Mr Ng KH in Hong Kong as Well Genius Trading Ltd in 1986. Since then we have begun our journey in semiconductors.​

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